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Memories of life at school

How Bristol influenced my education

BRISTOL SCHOOLS by Elizabeth Woods (née Fenner) RMS 1957 – 1964 Elizabeth moved to Melbourne Australia in 1972 and worked as Education Producer for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation making radio programmes for schools until 1990. She then ran a business   Read more

What the class of 1946 did next

RED MAIDS CLASS OF 1946, AT SCHOOL 1946-1951 and what has happened since In the autumn of 1946, a year after the end of the Second World War, Red Maids’ had some 210 pupils of whom 80, as usual, were   Read more

Reporting at the dawn of the Swinging Sixties

The 2020 edition of our magazine included early career memories by a journalist, Katherine Barrie, who joined the Western Daily Press soon after leaving Red Maids’. Today’s budding journalists will be amused – and surprised – at the attitudes of   Read more

Life at school in 1891

The range of subjects available at school is amazing, but just imagine what Red Maids from Victorian times might think if they could come back today!   Read more

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