The Red Maids Society

A walk up the Long Drive.

‘Darning Day’ in Denmark Street by Eyre Crowe. Owned by Aberdeen Art Gallery

The Red Maids’ Society exists to keep former pupils and staff of the Red Maids’ High School, Bristol, in touch with each other.

For over 100 years, Red Maids have been walking through the gates on Westbury Hill and into school.

For almost 400 years they have been part of the history of the City of Bristol: ‘apparelled in red’, studying and learning, developing lifelong friendships and making their way in the wider world, each generation benefiting from the most modern education of their time.

Latest news and stories

Change of date for the AGM

Our Annual General Meeting will now take place on Saturday 12th May, at Redmaids’ High. We invite you to join us for a light lunch before the AGM, which will take place in the new Redland Hall, with an opportunity   Read more

New building unveiled.

The rebuild of Denmark Hall, which will be known as Redland Hall, is being gradually revealed as the scaffolding comes down. There are classrooms and offices, and a large hall for assemblies and performances which opens onto the green space along   Read more

Spring 2017 Magazine

The Summer 2017 edition of the Red Maids’ Society Newsletter was published in August. It features recent class reunions and an unusual career as well as upcoming events and news from around the world.   Read more