The Red Maids Society

 The Red Maids’ Society exists to keep former pupils and staff of the Red Maids’ High School, Bristol, in touch with each other.

For over 100 years, Red Maids have been walking through the gates on Westbury Hill and into school.  For almost 400 years they have been part of the history of the City of Bristol: ‘apparelled in red’, studying and learning, developing lifelong friendships and making their way in the world, each generation benefiting from the most modern education of their time.

Latest news and stories

Founder’s Day and St Nicholas

This year’s Founder’s Day was special, as always; the procession, down Baldwin Street, across the Centre and all around College Green, never fails to attract crowds of onlookers: parents, family and friends are often heard sharing snippets of history with tourists   Read more

Life at school in 1891

The range of subjects available at school is amazing, but just imagine what Red Maids from Victorian times might think if they could come back today!   Read more