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Founder’s Day and St Nicholas

This year’s Founder’s Day was special, as always; the procession, down Baldwin Street, across the Centre and all around College Green, never fails to attract crowds of onlookers: parents, family and friends are often heard sharing snippets of history with tourists and local passers-by. It makes for a feeling of pride that our city is so welcoming.

The Cathedral Service has remained mostly unchanged over the decades, although more music has been added recently.

The service starts with a hidden choir and a different choral piece each year, voices soaring into the roof and fading away at the end, which is very moving. As always,  the highlight for many former pupils is the reading of extracts from John Whitson’s will, and the singing of the Te Deum.

A welcome announcement early in December was the re-opening of St Nicholas Church, 75 years after it was bombed. The laying of wreaths on John Whitson’s tomb in a candle-light ceremony takes place each year in the crypt of this church, which is specially opened for Redmaids’ High, so it is good to know that the whole church has been saved. See Bristol Post for more details.


Posted on 11 December 2018 in Society news

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