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Red Maids’ to merge with Redland High

In the spring of 2016, the school announced a merger of Red Maids’ and Redland High, to be known as Redmaids’ High School.
A letter from the Headmistress, Isabel Tobias, together with the full story can be found at Redmaids’ High School.

Answers to all your questions are here: Redmaids’ High School – Key Questions.

Since September 2016, some Redland year groups have moved to the Westbury site; by September 2017 both Junior and Senior schools will be fully integrated.

Whilst everyone involved with the two schools has been assimilating the news, we received this message from an former pupil, which we believe sums up the feelings of most members:

I think this is absolutely wonderful news – exciting, positive and necessary. It is an opportunity to bring people together and a very sensible business decision. At a time when the world seems torn apart with ridiculousness (Brexit, refugees streaming in from the Middle East, madness in the USA election process …. ), what a refreshing and uplifting story – Red Maids and Redland working together to make exciting changes for girls.

I feel sure that the competent businessman, John Whitson, would be excited about this; he would bring his revolutionary vision to it with gusto (remember, he set up a girls’ school at a time when girls were considered to be significantly ‘less than’ boys – which is still the case the world over).

I wish the schools all the best and encourage the leadership teams to be creative together to create something that is much, much better than two separate schools compromising. Be visionary and be revolutionary.

Congratulations to the team that has been burning the midnight oil for a very sensible and forward thinking decision.”

Posted on 16 March 2016 in Society news

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