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Summer 2013 mailing team
Summer 2013 mailing team
Summer 2014 mailing team
Summer 2014 mailing team

The photos show the summer mailing teams - still smiling after stuffing, labelling and stamping 1200 newsletters!

We need volunteers to come on board and start shadowing some of our roles as soon as possible. A number of us will be stepping down from 2016 onwards, and if we can’t be replaced, who is going to run your Society?

By the end of next year, we have combined the tasks of the Membership and Database Secretary roles.

Now we need someone with a few hours to spare for the new role of Events Organiser. This will include organising and running Founder’s Weekend events, the AGM, the Tea and Carol Party. Not as scary as it might sound, you will get lots of help from the committee who have been sharing the events until now.

From 2016 we shall also be replacing the Gifts Officerand will need a Vice Chair to take over on 2018, and after that we shall be looking for someone, ideally with some finance or accounting background, to take over as Treasurer.

All these roles can be managed from home. Our evening committee meetings in Jan, March, June, Sept and Nov rotate around our homes, so ideally you will live in or near Bristol. Good computer skills needed, obviously.

Thinking of returning to work after a break? A full time mum with a few hours to spare? ‘Voluntary work’ like this makes your CV stand out – our Secretary worked at Bristol University’s Careers Service, so she speaks from experience!
Please do think seriously about joining us. Our future depends on you.

See the link above right for brief 'job descriptions' of committee roles to see just what goes on behind the scenes.

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